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Custom paint jobs that are performed by professionals often include buffing, primer, base coat, aesthetics (effects, murals, images, etc.), followed by a sealing clear coat and polish. The painting is generally done with airbrushes for both the entire body and the more detailed murals and effects. These processes can be done at-home with the proper equipment although when the equipment and experience is not available, the painting is best left to a professional service.

The primer is the first coat applied to the body of the vehicle and is essential to ensure the rest of the coats of paint look smooth and even. The primer levels out the surface of the body and also serves as a protectant. When the color is applied after, there are several tones and styles that can be chosen from. A solid color is most typically chosen, followed by a clear coat that adds extra protection as well as a shiny, lacquered appearance. “Candy” colors are more infrequently seen but give a bright pop of color.

Matte colors are popular for restored or refurbished vehicles that are made to appear vintage. The matte color has no sheen to it, reflecting no or very little light. A clear coat or polish is not applied to this paint job to ensure that the appearance of the paint remains matte. This is a paint job that requires a lot more maintenance than glossy coats. A scratch on matte paint is even more visible and cannot be buffed out with wax or simply painted over. The vehicle must be washed frequently with microfiber in order to maintain its integrity and appearance.

Paint that contains minute metal flakes is applied, often to retro vehicles, in order to give a glittering coat. The paint is more costly and is difficult to do at-home but gives an eye-catching appearance. The effect can be done to fenders or bumpers rather than the whole vehicle for a subtler look.

If you are in need of a custom car paint job, please call us at 574-288-CARS (2277). We offer price match guarantee and can get parts within 24 hours. We are proud to serve the communities of South Bend, IN, Mishawaka, IN, Elkhart, IN, Goshen, IN, Granger, IN, and Niles, MI.

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