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An exhaust system is an essential component to the function of any vehicle. The exhaust system deters exhaust gas from the motor and expels it through a system of piping. There are many different types of exhaust systems that vary depending on the type of engine or motor it works with. The system is typically comprised of several parts; an exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, a resonator, an exhaust pipe, a muffler or silencer, and a tail pipe through which the exhaust gases are expelled. 

As gases are created by the vehicle’s engine, they are collected by the multiple chambers of the exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold is sometimes enhanced with aftermarket parts and made visible on a vehicle for aesthetic appeal. A cylinder head is also used in place of an exhaust manifold as an upgraded part for enhanced performance.

The exhaust is then taken through the exhaust system to a catalytic converter that reduces the toxins and pollutants in the gas. The converter was first introduced into mainstream vehicles in 1975 after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiated a clean air act to reduce carbon emissions. It works to reduce the carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions that are created by the combustion of the engine. 

The exhaust gas moves through a resonator that works with the muffler or silencer to reduce the sound created by the engine as it runs. The resonator cancels out a certain range of noise and so it can be customized to create certain sounds that appeal to the owner. The resonator and the muffler are generally separated by a length of exhaust pipe. Following the muffler, the exhaust is emitted from the back of the vehicle through the tailpipe. 

Turbochargers are another component of the exhaust system in certain vehicles that are meant to enhance the performance and increase the power of the engine. The turbocharger is generally only included in more expensive, luxury vehicles. 

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