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Nerf boards and running boards are accessories that are attached to the frame of a vehicle, below the rocker panels. They serve as a stepping area to allow easier access into vehicles that sit higher off of the ground such as SUVs and trucks. A metal tube or panel stretches below the front and rear wheels, underneath the doors and is often affixed with rubber grips to provide a more secure step. While the nerf bars and running boards serve essentially the same purpose, there are differences between the two. The biggest difference is exactly what the titles suggest; nerf bars are metal tubular bars and running boards are metal flat panels. 

Nerf bars also differ from running boards slightly in that they serve more of an industrial purpose. The nerf bars are generally able to support more weight than the boards as it is better distributed through a thick metal pipe rather than a narrow panel. Nerf bars that are attached to work trucks that require loading and unloading will provide a sturdier surface for heavier weight to step on and off. 

Running boards are available in fewer options, generally just a long panel that runs straight between the front and rear wheel wells. Nerf bars, however, are able to be customized in more ways. Nerf bars can be placed beneath individual doors such as the front driver’s side door only or a couple feet of pipe underneath each door rather than a continuous bar. They can also be equipped with metal stirrups underneath each door that act as an additional step to the nerf bar, providing even more secure footing into vehicles that are raised especially high. Dual nerf bars, where one bar rest a few inches on top of the other to create two steps, are another option that add extra appeal to the truck’s appearance. 

If you are looking for nerf bars and running boards, please call us at 574-288-CARS (2277). We offer price match guarantee and can get parts within 24 hours. We are proud to serve the communities of South Bend, IN, Mishawaka, IN, Elkhart, IN, Goshen, IN, Granger, IN, and Niles, MI.

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