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Tonneau covers are a type of either hard or soft cover that lies over the bed of a truck in order to provide cargo protection and concealment. Additionally, Tonneau is also used to cover convertible vehicles, providing the same protection that it does for truck beds. The soft covers often roll, providing easy use and storage of the cover when it is not in use. The hard covers are usually attached with hinges so that it can be lifted and lowered as cargo is removed from or placed in the truck bed. There are also options available that fold, in both hard and soft versions.

“Tonneau” refers to the type of cover and is sold in various forms by dozens of different brands. Vinyl is most commonly used for soft, flexible covers although other thick, durable cloth fabrics can be used. The hard covers can be made of a stiff vinyl as well although aluminum, plastic, and fibreglass have become more popular. The hard covers are generally more secure as they snap or lock into place more firmly than soft covers. The only drawback is the cost, as hard covers are more expensive and require special installation.

When purchasing a hard Tonneau cover, or truck top, the material used must be carefully considered. Soft covers are most often made of vinyl and can be removed much quicker and easier than hard covers. The hard cover, therefore, is a more permanent choice that provides better security for cargo within the truck bed. Aluminum is used for both hard, flat tops and for roll-up covers that allow easier access to the bed. Fibreglass is also used and is generally more customizable but is a more expensive material than aluminum.

Retractable Tonneau covers are by far the most convenient choice, retracting from the tailgate of the truck to the cab where it rolls out of the way. They are often made from an industrial-grade aluminum for protection and durability. The cover can be locked into place and is a good option for tall or lifted trucks whose bed can be difficult to access.

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