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Rocker panels run between the front and rear wheels on either side of a vehicle, serving as a supportive and connecting piece to the bottom of the vehicle’s frame. The panel helps protect the cabin of the truck or car in the event of an accident, acting as a safety feature. The panels are integral to the structure of the vehicle, restricting the body of the car from folding in the middle following a collision. 

Besides its structural importance, the rocker panel is often enhanced with chrome for aesthetic appeal. Part of the panel is visible from inside the vehicle, when the door is open or ajar, and adds to the appearance of the interior as well. The panel is completely customizable and can be painted to complement the vehicle’s body if not enrobed in chrome. It is almost always made of sheet metal and has been added to more modern vehicles as an aesthetic and safety feature. 

When repair or replacement is necessary, the rocker panel is easy to remove and will only take a wrench or drill to take off the bolts that hold it in place. Once the door is opened, the entire panel is accessible, making it a more convenient part to repair. Cracks to the panel can be welded and grinded as a quick fix when the entire panel does not necessarily need to be replaced. Holes and other damage caused by rusting can be easily patched as well, depending on the extent of the damage. If the rust is spread over much of the panel, it is best to replace it. 

There are replacement rocker panels available that do not require drilling at all. These pieces are manufactured with an adhesive backing to them so that they simply adhere to the vehicle with some pressure. The vehicle must be well-cleaned in order for the adhesive to stick properly and the pressure should be applied evenly to the length of the panel. After these easy steps, the panel can be placed on the vehicle and the installation is complete. 

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