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The gas or fuel tank is the receptacle that holds gasoline or diesel fuel. It’s the most essential component to the functioning of a vehicle’s engine. Without gas or fuel, the vehicle simply would not run. Because gas and diesel are extremely flammable, the gas tank must be created from specific materials in order to safely contain the fuel. They are made from either metal or a thermoplastic derived from petroleum. 

The size of a gas tank in an average car is between 12 and 16 gallons, allowing for an average of 200 to 300 miles of driving per tank of fuel. Larger vehicles, like pick-up trucks and SUVs, have fuel tanks that hold an average of 26 gallons although smaller SUVs and trucks can have tanks as small as 16 gallons. Super duty or heavy duty trucks have tanks as large as 38 gallons.

The larger gas tank does not necessarily mean better fuel mileage for the vehicle. The larger the tank, the heavier it is once filled with fuel, adding extra weight to the body of the vehicle. This added weight decreases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. One must also take into account the power of the engine and how much fuel is needed to power the unit. The larger tank, however, does equate to longer distances traveled in between necessary fueling, although filling the tank does obviously cost more. It is also beneficial when a vehicle is used for hauling or towing as the added weight of the load or tow reduces fuel mileage as well. 

Although the fuel tank is made of durable material, it is possible that the tank may begin to leak or allow for evaporation when the material wears down over time. Leaking gas can be a huge problem, especially when it goes undetected, leading to the fuel emptying much quicker than it’s meant to. This creates a higher cost for fueling more often, only to have some of the fuel leak or evaporate from the tank before it can be used. Replacing or repairing the tank is the next necessary step to ensure fuel is not lost. 

The tank can be repaired easily with an epoxy fixative and topped with a fibreglass patch. Epoxies and adhesives that are made for metal can be used on metal gas tanks, although they can be welded as well for a more permanent fix.

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