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Truck shocks are essential to the function of the vehicle, and of every vehicle, as they absorb the shock of driving. Every tire is equipped with a shock absorber that mounts to the frame and controls the movement of the body of the vehicle. As the tires move over uneven surfaces, the impact is absorbed into the shocks, a large, thick spring that is attached to the axle of the truck.


In addition to the spring, a mechanism works along with the spring in order to ensure the momentum is absorbed and dispersed. The spring drives a piston into oil, the friction of which repels the bounce from the tires. The spring is slowed at the same time and the body of the vehicle remains controlled. Shocks, or shock absorbers, keep the ride of the vehicle smooth and comfortable.

There are many different types of shocks, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most general and commonly used shocks use oil to absorb the impact from the tires and are often called twin-tube shocks. Some other types of shocks that use pressurized gas in conjunction with the oil and piston are designed for use in heavy-duty trucks. The gas, often nitrogen, prevents the oil from aerating when the piston moves very quickly. This helps the shock maintain proper functioning for a longer period of time.

Dual or even triple shocks are also available for larger vehicles like trucks. These types of shocks are best for trucks that frequently travel down rough and gravel roads. They are sometimes added to trucks that have been raised with aftermarket lift kits for aesthetic appeal, although they are not always necessary. The additional shocks can be beneficial when the truck is used to towing.

The length of the shock depends on the length between the axle near the tire where it is mounted to where it is attached on the frame. If the shock is not the right length, the impact will not be properly absorbed and the ride of the vehicle will be bumpy and uncomfortable.

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