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A tailgate is the piece of metal, cloth, carbon fibre, or plastic that covers the very rear of a truck’s bed or box, or the trunk door of an SUV or van. It pivots on hinges like a door, providing cover and access to the cargo area of the vehicle. Also known as a hatch, the tailgate is essential to a truck’s ability to load and haul some materials securely, especially substances like gravel and sand or building materials like bricks. Without the tailgate, these materials could spill out the back during travel, losing the load as well as damaging any vehicle behind the truck. 

In the case of a truck, the tailgate should be able to hold some weight suitable for hauling and loading. The load should be able to rest against the tailgate if necessary without causing any damage. When the tailgate is opened and that load is placed in the box, extending passed the gate, the weight can bend or warp the tailgate. The cables that hold the tailgate to the truck when it is opened offer better support for heavier objects and should be made of thick steel covered in rubber, nylon, or a strong plastic. 

Tailgates are as susceptible to rust and corrosion as the rest of the vehicle’s body and sometimes necessitate repair or replacement. Most factory-made tailgates are constructed of steel but can be replaced with carbon fibre as it is as durable but much lighter. A steel tailgate would be a better option for a work truck, however, as the carbon fiber could become easily scratched and damaged by repeated loading. 

Mesh tailgates are popular options for those who do not need to open and close the tailgate frequently. There are both steel and cloth options, although the steel is obviously much more durable but more expensive than the cloth mesh. Mesh tailgates also provide less wind resistance and can enhance fuel mileage during traveling. 

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