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A trailer hitch or tow hitch/bar is a large steel ball mounted to a plate, or tubular receptacle, that juts out about a foot from the back of a vehicle and generally on larger vehicles able to tow trailers and campers. There are two types of hitches, receivers and draw bar types, as well as five classes that hitches are categorized into. There are various accessories that can be added to the hitch, some necessary and some that are more aesthetic. 

A receiver trailer hitch is an open pipe or metal tube that is able to receive the hitch of the trailer. The receiver often works with a weight-distributing system that ensures a streamline tow. If the weight-distributing system is not present, the weight of the trailer can dip forward, pulling down on the end of the vehicle and causing several problems. With a draw bar and ball hitch, the weight-distribution system acts in much the same way, using springs to better distribute weight. A weight-distribution system is only necessary in certain cases, when the ratio of the weight of the trailer exceeds the vehicle by a certain amount. 

Accessories like LED lights, decals, and metal shields used to protect the hitch from road debris are available but not necessary. A hitch stabilizer can be a necessary accessory when the receiver and hitch do not fit properly. The stabilizer screws to the hitch, tightening it for safer towing. 

The appropriate type of hitch is determined by the vehicle that is doing the hauling or towing and what is being hauled. The number of class is dependent on the weight of the trailer. Class one, the lowest weight class, is classified as “light loads” which gives the hitch a limit of towing 2,000 pounds. Class five, the heaviest weight class in trailer hitches, can tow up to 17,000 pounds and is used for hauling large construction equipment. The first class is suitable for all vehicles, even a compact car, to tow light loads such as a motorcycle or ATV. The second class is not suitable for small cars as it can tow heavier objects. The third class is reserved for larger vehicles, not cars, and can pull the weight of a light or medium sized camper. The fourth and fifth class is usually appropriate for trucks only and are only used for towing very large campers, boats, and other large crafts. 

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