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At 1 Stop Vehicle Reconditioning & Restyling, our experience and established procedures make it easy for you to file faster and more reliable claims with your insurance provider.


Whether you already have a claim on file or need help in getting the process going, our dedicated staff has the knowledge to make the process painless.


1 Stop is certified with all major insurance companies, and can provide estimates at a moment’s notice when speedy service is required.


Do you have a deductible? Most repairs at 1 Stop are usually less than, or very close to, the standard insurance deductible of $500-$1000. Before you decide to file a claim on your policy, stop by and let us take a look at the damage first, to see if we can help you avoid paying higher premiums that may result from reporting claims to your insurance provider.

Call or stop by to see how 1 Stop Vehicle Reconditioning & Restyling to see how we can help with all your vehicle repair needs!


No law requires you to get more than one estimate.

You are not obligated to use any particular body shop. You choose the shop and authorize the repairs.

You do not have to accept the insurance company’s appraisal or damage. Check the “Appraisal Clause” of your policy to learn how to resolve any differences.

There is a big difference between shops. Any shop can give you a lower estimate by leaving something out or overlooking parts. Do not assume you can get the quality of workmanship you want from the shop offering the lowest estimates.

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