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When entering a vehicle, odors can become a deterrent, signaling a hoard of hidden bacteria that can be repugnant to the passengers as well as the driver. Odors emanating from the upholstery or carpet of a vehicle should be handled immediately. It is generally a simple process although there are factors that can make odor elimination a little more difficult.

Removing odors from a vehicle can be as simple as refraining from smoking in that vehicle. Cigarette smoke tends to linger and cling to fabrics, becoming stale and offensive. In order to remove the smell, an aerosol foam made for upholstery can be sprayed onto seats and carpets, and then vacuumed away. In a pinch, baking soda can be used as a substitute for a spray foam cleaning product, but will not be as effective. Because the smoke permeates into the vents of a vehicle, opening the hood and spray a deodorizer through the intake valve of the engine. Cigarettes should be smoked outside of the vehicle following a cleaning, unless regular odor removal will be regularly preformed.

Other smells not caused by smoke can be harder to eliminate, depending on the cause. Sometimes a stale or dirty smell can be taken care of simply by cleaning and vacuuming the vehicle, but often more steps are necessary. If the odor is caused by any kind of perishable, the vehicle should be cleaned immediately and vacuumed using a carpet and upholstery cleaner. There should be no lingering smell although if the mess has set it, the carpet at that area may need to be cut out and replaced.

Spilled food usually gives off the worst odors, milk being one of the worst. As the food stain sours, when not properly cleaned up, the smell will become worse and worse. Once the stain is cleaned as well as possible, a deodorizer should be left in the vehicle to absorb the odor. Typical air fresheners hung from the rear view mirror will probably not be enough. Leaving a container of baking soda, or an ashtray full, for several days to absorb the smell is cheap and usually effective. If not, deodorizing products should be purchased.

If you are in need of car odor removal, please call us at 574-288-CARS (2277). We offer price match guarantee and can get parts within 24 hours. We are proud to serve the communities of South Bend, IN, Mishawaka, IN, Elkhart, IN, Goshen, IN, Granger, IN, and Niles, MI.

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