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A truck bed is the storage space, usually rectangular but can be square, found between the cab and the tailgate. They are also often called truck boxes, or cargo boxes, and are used for hauling, loading, and storage of equipment, tools, and materials. Because of this, the beds can become easily damaged, depending on the type of coating, cover, or liner that is affixed to the bed.

There are a couple different types of truck beds, stepside boxes and a standard box although these both fall under various names. The stepside or styleside truck bed curves and bulges, sometimes providing a niche for a step, allowing for easier access into the bed. These truck beds add extra flare to the vehicle and are reminiscent of the classic 1950s style. A standard box, which is more commonly seen, runs straight to the cab without the bulges that the stepside features.

Truck beds can be either long, extended, or short for a variety of different needs. A longer truck bed is useful for hauling construction equipment and materials like long pieces of lumber. Some heavy-duty trucks have beds longer than eight feet, providing significant storage space although a standard pick up truck bed is about six and a half feet in length. Shorter truck beds do not allow for the same type of hauling that longer ones do, but they have the advantage of being smaller and easier to park and maneuver. The smaller size allows for a slightly better fuel mileage as well which will cut expenses over time.

Truck beds are generally purchased with a drop-in or spray liner that protects the metal at the bottom of the bed. Water will cause the metal to rust over time which can lead to erosion that will leave holes in the bed. They can be added as an accessory on new vehicles or added afterwards to any truck.

Truck bed extenders can be used to enhance the length of a truck bed by up to two feet. It acts as a cage that attaches to the back of the box, providing additional space for hauling on shorter beds.

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