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The fender is the framing piece of a vehicle’s body that cover and protect the wheel wells. Their intent is to prevent debris from the road to cause damage to the vehicle. As the tires rotate, sand, rocks and dirt are picked up from the ground but deflected by the fender, reducing spray up towards the vehicle. 

The fender covers only the wheels. The thick panels that cover the front end and back end of the vehicle are known as bumpers and serve as protection in the case of an accident. Fenders are often made out of a lighter material than the bumpers, usually sheet metal, and can be customized if desired. 

Fender skirts, or fender shields, are typical of classic vehicles from the 1950s era. The skirt runs straight across the wheel well on either side of the vehicle, completely covering the top half of the wheel. For aerodynamic purposes rather than just aesthetic, the fender skirt will cover only the back rear wheels as the skirt can decrease the mobility of the front wheels. The skirt is not commonly seen on modern vehicles, despite its ability to enhance a car’s efficiency.

Fender flares are narrow fiberglass fender covers made for trucks, SUVs, and cars that serve a protective purpose as well as an aesthetic purpose. Many flares for trucks and SUVs are bolted in with several bolts along the flare and into the frame, adding further aesthetic appeal. There are various styles of fender flares, created for various types of trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. The degree and curve of the flare changes with the desired style and covers much of the tire. They are usually an aftermarket addition and enhance the appearance of the vehicle. 

Mud flaps are added along to the fender, just above the back of the back wheels. They are generally put on trucks to serve as a barrier between the vehicle and the debris that is sprayed from the road. They are especially useful on larger trucks and work trucks that frequently travel mud, dirt, and gravel roads.

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