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A truck cap is a hard or soft shell that sits against the cab and on top of the tailgate of a truck, covering the box. The shell sits at or just above the top of the cab, creating a concealed space that is often used for camping, sleeping or hauling equipment you would like to keep dry. Additionally, the shell can be used as a protective cover for larger objects that cannot fit in the box with a tonneau cover. Truck caps are made from various materials in dozens of styles and sizes in order to fit a wide array of truck beds.

A hard shell truck cap is generally made of aluminum or fibreglass and generally has windows on all four sides. The glass is often tinted although occasionally the cap is styled with window indentations but is completely aluminum or fibreglass. Soft shell caps are usually made of a canvas-like cloth and can be installed and removed quickly and easily. These caps are also known as camper shells and provide a popular alternative to tenting.

Truck caps can also be equipped with roof racks that are able to hold tools, skies, a canoe, and countless other objects. Commercial truck caps are larger than other shells because of their need to contain and protect expensive and fragile equipment and tools. These caps secure to the box, replacing the tailgate with a door, or doors, that extended from the bottom of the box to the top of the cap. This allows for much more convenient loading and unloading from the truck bed. The sides of the cap often open as well, offering another means of access. Roof racks are generally included in commercial truck caps.

A truck cap can be installed by a professional, a service often offered by the company through which the part was ordered. The cap can also be installed at-home but can present issues, depending on the type of cap. A soft shell cap is easily installed by a single person however, a hard shell cap is much heavier and generally requires two people to lift.

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